11-12 September 2024

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Cavu Corp

Cavu Corp



Business profile

CAVU is a pioneering British company based in Glasgow, innovating in aviation, space, and E-mobility.

We design and manufacture a wide range of satellite components, including Ground Stations, Communication systems, Satellite Cameras, Power Management (EPS) systems, Payload & Data Acquisition devices, and Onboard Computers (OBC). We also offer Satellite Mission Design Services. Our customized products and services cater to space mission design, CubSats, Nano and Pico satellites, and telemetry and condition monitoring solutions.

As a leading supplier of aircraft parts and services, we concentrate on MRO services and provide charter services for special cargo.

Our satellite IoT division, focuses on condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery, especially for offshore wind farms. We provide a complete hardware and software solution for remote monitoring of plants, seamlessly integrating with our satellite components to offer comprehensive remote monitoring solutions.

We’re also at the forefront of E-Mobility solutions with our developing technology. SkyCharge® is a constellation of satellites in LEO that directs a locked phased-array microwave energy beam from space towards an on-board rectenna on E-Aircrafts and ships, enabling them to carry out missions with less battery.